Selling raw material


Thanks to the 21st-century production technology used, GreenTyre is capable of producing several types of rubber granule (crumb rubber) of various sizes, the smallest practically being rubber powder (0.2-0.4mm). Crumb size can be adjusted before crushing waste tyres, so the resulting crumb rubber offers a wide range of usage opportunities, at the same time also facilitating constant innovation and product development – so that our company can flexibly satisfy customer demand.

GreenTyre guarantees excellent granule quality, swift on-time delivery and the production of state-of-the-art, Western European quality crumb rubber made using ELDAN technology.

Granules from scrap tyre:
When processing tyre waste we can tailor rubber granule size to customers’ needs and we are also capable of manufacturing dust- and steel-free crumb rubber.

Areas of use:

  • Covering outdoor and indoor sports fields
  • Artificial grass, synthetic turf
  • Playground surface
  • Decorative cover
  • Flooring in stables
  • Roadside edges
  • Noise reduction on rail tracks
  • Motorway rumble strips
  • Traffic reducers


GreenTyre rubber granule types:

  • Super Chopper-manufactured products: 50-300mm, contains metal and textile
  • Chip: 10-50mm, may contain some metal and textile
  • Granule: 1-10mm, doesn’t contain metal or textile
  • Powder: smaller than 1mm in size, doesn’t contain metal or textile


We can also produce coloured rubber granules (RAL colour chart applies).

A significant volume of steel is left over after the processing of tyres, because about 20 percent of tyres is made from steel cord – it is used to reinforce the tyre. We supply blast furnaces with steel in bulk or in brick form.

Textile produced during tyre processing is used by cement factories.